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The Lesser of Two Evils: Jill Stein and the Need for Third Parties

It’s that dichotomy, that permeating idea that there are only two choices, that we can’t go outside the norm without wasting our vote that is driving this country into the ground faster than either of the two major parties.  We look at our red vs. blue and we say “ok.  This is ok.”  It paints everything black and white, it forces all issues to be yes or no questions and doesn’t allow for nuance or grace.  You’re with us or against us.  You’re pro-life or pro-choice.  You support the troops or you hate America. You hate drugs or you’re a hippy.  Bail-outs are good or strangling America. 

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  6. thelunaticyouarelookingfor said: A multi-party system (in my opinion) needs to be built up in the Legislative Branch before we can expect it to have any success in the Executive Branch.
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